About Osprey Capital

Osprey Capital, LLC was formed by David H. Hoffmann shortly after he founded DHR International as a way to invest the excess cash that DHR produced.

Since that time, Osprey has grown into one of the largest private family offices in the world with diversified assets in executive search, real estate, oil distribution, insurance, public market investment, aviation and wine-making. Through its operating businesses, Osprey has a presence in 27 countries with 100+ locations spanning the globe.

Moving forward, Osprey will continue to grow at a pace that forecasts our asset size to double in the next 6-8 years through organic growth and add-on acquisitions to our current holdings as well as continued investment in new real estate and in new operating businesses.

“Having and delivering on a profitable growth strategy is great for everyone involved, especially our employees...”

— David Hoffmann, Founder

“Even if we do not add any more assets, this is a great business and business model...”

— Greg Hoffmann, Principal

“We deliver what others only promise you...”

— Scott Tredinnick, Operating Partner